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A walk at night

Walking alone at night on a lonely road what is it that a young boy thinks? while looking at the starry sky. What is my goal in life? What is it that I desire? What is the reason I was born? What is it that I want to pursue? All these questions have the sameContinue reading “A walk at night”

Eye of the storm

Terrorist. Assassin. Hero. Eye of the storm by Jack Higgins, The Sunday times bestselling author, is the perfect description of the word thriller. If you are looking for some thrilling terrorist thing this book is just for you. This book is the first in the Sean Dillon series. This book is just like its nameContinue reading “Eye of the storm”

Kafka on the shore

Magical, wonderful, outlandish this book is anything but normal. Kafka on the shore by the Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami is a page turner. I used to get so excited whenever I used to pick up this book, I told myself from time to time one more page and I will stop but that one moreContinue reading “Kafka on the shore”

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